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wallpaper portrait red-white and green

product number. 61.001687000.NN


Step into the world of refinement and impart an unmistakable allure to your interior with our exclusive wallpaper collection. At Decoration, we comprehend the impact of color and design, and we amalgamate these elements to transform your living space. Explore our unique combination of a Snow White background with portraits in lace-patterned circles, executed in the rich hues of Medici Red and the serene nuance of Casper Blue.

The Snow White wallpaper emanates purity and timelessness, forming an elegant foundation for any space. The lace-patterned circles add an artistic element, while the deep color of Medici Red introduces passion and luxury, and Casper Blue adds a touch of serenity. This combination is not only a visual feast but also an expression of your unique style and personality.

Our high-quality wallpaper collection is not just aesthetically appealing but also durable and easy to apply. Whether you're an experienced painter or an enthusiastic DIYer, our wallpaper seamlessly fits into your project.

Challenge yourself to elevate your interior to new heights and give it a distinctive allure with our Snow White wallpaper featuring lace-patterned portraits in Medici Red and Casper Blue. At Decoration, we strive to make your interior renewal effortless and inspiring.

Are you ready to transform your space? Discover the magic of Decoration's wallpaper collection and infuse your interior with a unique touch. Order today and let your creativity flourish!

We try to realize the right colors on the screen but color settings may be different.

Order if you're not sure of your color setting of your display a sample. which you can later use for creative work.

Role is ± 10 meters long.

Sample is 50 x 50 cm.