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wallpaper glue ready to use Dutch 10 kg of paper/non-woven fleece wallpaper

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Ready-to-use wallpaper glue for paper and non-woven wallpaper

The surface must be solid, porous, dry, clean and dust-free. Absorbent surfaces must first be treated with a dilute glue or sizing (by adding 10% to 20% water). Bonding: single bonding with roller (Sheepskin). Consumption: 120-130 g/m2. Wait time: 0 to 5 minutes. Open time: about 20 minutes. Press from the Middle so as to remove the air.

Important notes

Up to 1 year in original, sealed packaging. Minimum processing temperature: 10 degrees celcius. Suitable for 23 - 25 m2. Cleaning: fresh glue with water. Sensitive to frost.