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Is literally "all that is woven". The word is derived from the Latin word "texere" which means weaving.
In mode parlance is much broader textile: Textiles is a material consisting of filaments (endless wire) or fiber (short pieces of wire). Textile is malleable and can almost always one, two or three dimensional.
Curtains from Brenda Baart in many colors and designs available. Do you want custom made curtains? * Then you come to the right place *  Our range includes many different designs and kleuren.Therefore we have a separate store where you can by appointment while enjoying your coffee or tea see the hole collection. Here you will be assisted by our professional stylist Brenda Baart. The only thing you need is to bring your measurements of the windows and then we make a price customized for you. We have our own workshop where the curtains curtains can make desired. We can also deliver a variety of suspension systems to suit your chosen curtains. We also give you the opportunity in advance to order a sample so that you can get acquainted with the fabrics.

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