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Discover the World of Color and Style at Decoration for Interior

Welcome to Decoration for Interior, where your dream interior comes to life. With a passion for color, design, and transforming spaces, we offer a unique assortment of paint products, interior fabrics, wall coverings, and stylish flooring solutions. Our website is your first step towards an interior that not only makes a statement but also reflects your personality.

A Palette of Possibilities

Our exclusive paint line, consisting of 27 carefully selected colors, forms the core of our offering. From the soothing 'Old White' to the vibrant 'Medici Red,' each color tells a story and creates a unique ambiance. Our colors are more than just paint; they are a reflection of emotions and styles that can transform any interior.

Quality and Durability

At Decoration for Interior, quality and durability go hand in hand. Our paint products are designed to last, with rich pigmentation and a durable finish. Our CoreTec PVC floors and Alsa Floor Elegant laminate not only offer beauty but also resistance to everyday wear and tear.

Inspiration and Advice

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast, an interior design lover, or a professional painter, we offer inspiration and expert advice for every project. Our team of experienced interior stylists, including Brenda Baart, is ready to guide you in choosing the perfect colors and materials for your space.

A World of Products

Discover our collection of interior fabrics, which perfectly complement our paint line, and our unique wall coverings that can transform any space. Don't forget our elegant LED candles that add ambiance and warmth to any room.

Your Journey to a Dream Interior

At Decoration for Interior, your journey to a dream interior begins. Browse our website, get inspired, and contact us for personalized advice. Let us be your partner in transforming your home or office.

Make your world more beautiful with Decoration for Interior, where every color tells a story and every space becomes a masterpiece.