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wallpaper glue perfax 125 gr. or carton (40 packs)

product number. 16.001093000.NN


wallpaper paste

Discover the power of Perfax Metyl Special Wallpaper Paste, also known as Perfax Blue! This high-quality wallpaper paste is the ideal companion for all your wallpaper projects, with specific properties that set it apart from the rest.


Why Perfax Metyl Special Wallpaper Paste?

Perfax Metyl Special Wallpaper Paste is known for its extra strong formula, making it suitable for all types of wallpaper, even the powerful and extra heavy variants, and Woodchip. Whether you choose a definitive pattern or a robust texture, this wallpaper paste guarantees a durable bond.

Versatility in application:

This wallpaper paste is not only strong, but also easily correctable and lime-resistant, making it even suitable for use on new plaster layers. For highly absorbent surfaces, we recommend using a primer or priming with Perfax Metyl Special Wallpaper Paste the day before wallpapering. For non-absorbent or non-absorbent surfaces, a layer of Perfax Glue for Wall Renovation is the perfect preparation before wallpapering.

Practical information:

• Apply with: Brush
• Suitable for: 26 m² (4 rolls)

The handy packaging of 125 grams of methyl makes dosing simple and efficient, and the well-known Perfax Blue quality ensures a reliable and strong adhesion.

Choose Perfax Metyl Special Wallpaper Paste and experience the perfect combination of strength, flexibility and usability. Make your wallpaper projects come to life with reliable support from Perfax!

Applications per packet of 125 gr:
application creation in quantity number of liters
For gluing only 10 liter 50 m3
Light wallpaper 8.5 liter 45 m3 = 9 rolls
Normal wallpaper 7.5 liter 35 m3 = 7 rolls
heavy and dry wallpaper 6 liter 30 m3 = 6 rolls