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non-woven wallpaper wooden planks light brown

product number. 61.001686000.NN


Discover the ease and natural feel of our non-woven wallpaper on the website! This wood-look wallpaper not only provides a calming ambiance but also makes the wallpapering process effortless. Here are some reasons why our wood-look non-woven wallpaper is a smart choice:

No hassle with pre-pasting: Thanks to the non-woven layer on the back of the wallpaper, pre-pasting is not required. Simply apply the adhesive directly to the wall without waiting. This means less waiting time and more convenience during application.

Benefits that last: Our wood-look non-woven wallpaper has the property of not shrinking after applying adhesive. This ensures a tight and seamless result. Additionally, you won't have to worry about unsightly stains and bubbles, allowing you to enjoy a flawless appearance for the long term.

Creative living spaces: Combine our wood-look non-woven wallpaper with Decoration Paint for a unique synergy. Applying non-woven wallpaper in strategic places, paired with the right paint color, can give different corners a specific ambiance. Create a calming oasis or add a touch of warmth to every space.

Discover the simplicity of our wood-look non-woven wallpaper and give your interior a natural touch. Order today and enjoy the convenience and durability of Decoration's non-woven wallpaper collection. Transform your spaces effortlessly and let your creativity flow freely!

We try to realize the right colors on the screen but color settings may be different.

Order if you're not sure of your color setting of your display a sample. which you can later use for creative work.

Role is ± 10 meters long.

Sample is 50 x 50 cm.