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wallpaper frames nostalgia silk glossy rose and white

product number. 61.001690000.NN


Transform your space with our enchanting wallpaper collection on the webshop! Immerse yourself in the magic of a glossy pink background adorned with captivating images of birds, adorable puppies, elegant candleholders, and romantic scenes in Snow White. This wallpaper is more than just decoration; it's an artistic statement that turns your space into a romantic haven.

Draw inspiration from the details: The glossy pink background adds a touch of glamour and playfulness to any room, while the images of birds, puppies, and romantic scenes contribute a unique charm. Every detail is carefully designed to create an atmosphere of love and beauty.

Easy to apply: Our wallpaper is not only a feast for the eyes but also easy to apply. With high-quality materials and a Snow White background, we ensure that your interior transformation proceeds effortlessly.

Bring romance to life: Whether you want to transform an entire room or create an accent wall, our wallpaper with a glossy pink background brings romance to life. Infuse every corner of your home with a touch of love.

Bring this enchanting wallpaper into your home today and let your space shine. Order now and give your interior the romantic touch it deserves!

We try to realize the right colors on the screen but color settings may be different.

Order if you're not sure of your color setting of your display a sample. which you can later use for creative work.

Role is ± 10 meters long.

Sample is 50 x 50 cm.