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curtain slip-on hooks double nickel 8 cm long 10 pcs

product number. 57.1251.NN

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This double slip-on hook

are specially designed that your curtain fabric has the same  height of the hook. This hook works in the same function as the singel slip-on hook it goes into the curtain fabric behind the stitching. The 6 cm non woven tape is secured with the sewing machine (horizontal on curtain fabric), then one pleat in the curtain fabric is shaped and secured vertically with the sewing machine. The double slip on hook is with the rear side (with the curved loops) behind the stitching in the curtain fabric. The portion of the double slip on hook what is in the runner to cross remains visible. This keeps the curtain fabric at the same height as the curtain. Now the curtain rails visible.
Packed per 25 pieces.