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wood grain package

product number. 11.001029000.NN

  • Shipping Weight: 8lbs


Have you been dreaming about a concrete look in your house? But does this technique seem too difficult to implement? With our concrete look package we want to help you!

In our workshop we have been experimenting for a while, looking for the ideal DIY package for the concrete look. We are proud to introduce: our start-package.

Ideal to apply, but also easy to expand with other colours to give your concrete look a personal touch.

What do you find in the package?

            - Decoration Paint Georgian Green

            - Decoration Paint Cinque Terre

            - Varnish

            - wood grain design tool

            - Silken wax

Ideal for the beginning and experienced painter. A package is suitable for ± 8 m 2. Do you have more than 8 m2, choose multiple packages.