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  • AlsaFloor Elegant planks 511 Kraft
  • AlsaFloor Elegant planks 511 Kraft

AlsaFloor Elegant planks 511 Kraft

product number. 72.0269.NN


Price: €34.95

ALSAFLOOR laminate flooring

is a laminate floor covering produced in France

This laminate floor is laid together with a subfloor. The underlay that can be used is EXTREME 1.5 – professional underlay from NEXT STEP. This underlay has a thickness of 1.5 mm and is sold per roll of 10 meters. The subfloor is automatically selected during your floor calculation when you press add. Adjusting the number of underlay rollers is possible.

Easy installation with the Click system. Installation advice from AlsaFloor is to order 10% more for installation. This is automatically included in the floor calculation.

TIP: use our handy calculation tool!

Below you will find our calculation tool. Enter the desired length and width of the floor you want to lay, always calculate space per room and do not view multiple rooms as a whole. (e.g. a width of 3m by a length of 4m).

This floor is sold per pack. Our calculation tool calculates the total surface area, the amount of packs and subfloor required and the total price.

At “number of packs“ states the quantity required for this (e.g. 4 packs).

At “your price“ the price represents the quantity of packs you need. When you click “add” Press the packs are added to the quantity function. Then press “order“ and your order is in your shopping cart. This product has a certain delivery time.

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