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Silken wax transparent 400 ml

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Introducing Silken Wax: The Ultimate Protection and Color for Your Wood and Porous Surfaces!

At Decoration, we understand the importance of safeguarding your precious wooden furniture and other porous surfaces while adding a touch of color. That's where our Silken Wax comes in.

Protection and Color in One

Silken Wax is a soft, transparent wax that's ready to use right away. It can be applied to wood and other porous materials to protect them from wear and external influences. But what truly sets Silken Wax apart is its compatibility with our decorative paint. This means you can customize the wax to your desired color!

A Simple and Effective Application

With Silken Wax, you apply both a protective layer and a transparent color layer in a single step. The Silken Wax tin already contains 2-3 portions of transparent wax (400 ml), and you can easily add 250 ml of Decoration's decorative paint. Mix it thoroughly, and you're ready to go!

Unleash Your Creativity

Want to give your wooden table that warm oak finish? Or perhaps add a modern gray accent to your dresser? With Silken Wax and our decorative paint, the possibilities for transforming your interior are endless.

Bring Your Project to Life with Silken Wax

Don't wait any longer! Discover the magic of Silken Wax and give your wood and porous surfaces the protection and color they deserve. Create a unique look for your interior with a simple solution.

Order Now and Transform Your Interior with Silken Wax!




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