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sheer fabric ecru with flowers heights 150 - 300 cm

product number. 51.005791000.NN


Min:  0.01 Units:  0.01


  • This voile fabric can be used for various purposes, curtains, bonfamme or (because of its beautiful height) as a room-high pleated curtain. Because this can be ordered at 2 different heights, you have little residual fabric.

    Price listing is per meter.

To order the desired length, use the following form:
If you want to order 250 cm of fabric, enter "2.50" in the entry window. The stock indication is also shown this way. You can order precisely the required length, so you won’t have any large remnants left. Ideal for the environment and your wallet!

Are you unsure about the fabric?
Choosing a fabric online can be very difficult. In real life, a fabric can be different than you expect. To avoid any unfortunate surprises, we offer you the option to order a sample. If you want to order a sample, enter "0.01" in the entry window. When purchasing a sample, a one-time cutting cost of € 2 will be added.

A unique tailor-made fabric for you.
These products are cut especially for you. In our workshop we roll out the fabric, measure it and check everything with extra care for you. After cutting the specific desired length, we carefully pack the fabric and ship it to you. Because the fabric is cut exclusively for you to a non-standard length, you cannot return this product. We would like to draw your attention to this. Are you unsure about the quality, color and/or design of the fabric? Then we recommend that you order a sample. This way you can make an informed purchase decision.

Unique home accessories and products.
In our workshop we also make glass curtains, drapes, cushions, tablecloths, table runners, napkins and more. Would you like us to make a unique product for you with this fabric? Please feel free to contact our stylist Brenda Baart (tel: 06-55695523 / mail:, she will be happy to tell you about all the possibilities of this fabric.

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