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press release

Decoration from Clinge exists 100 years!

Clinge, April 10, 2022 - Decoration from Clinge (Hulst) will celebrate its 100th anniversary on April 27, 2022. This day will be festively celebrated in the store at 's Gravenstraat 283 in Clinge from 11 am to 8 pm. At 1.45 pm an official moment will take place at which Mayor Mr. Jan-Frans Mulder will hand over the title purveyor to the purveyor to owner Brenda Baart.
On Thursday 27 April 1922, a day after his marriage to Philomena Herdewel, Josephus Gerardus Baart (better known as Jozef) founded the drugstore and paint shop. Joseph's own mixed lime paint quickly became a favorite in the village. The local farmers were known to paint their houses with lime paint every year. Joseph was very popular in the region, he committed himself to many associations and local figures.
In 1958 his son Ferdi Baart, together with his wife Lizette de Cock, took over the paint shop. Lizette expanded the business with a curtain studio. Together they had the goal to turn the village shop Baart into a real interior store. Not only paint and curtains, but also wallpaper, carpets and blinds were reviewed. The friendly character of the shop, the willingness to chat and the generous conviviality made the village shop very popular. 
In 1997 the third generation took over, daughter Brenda Baart became the new owner of the interior store. Immediately after signing the transfer papers, Ferdi drove to the hobby shop to get painting materials. His own studio was set up and he left making beautiful paintings in different styles. A passion from his youth that he enjoyed a lot again. Many fellow villagers will still know him as an enthusiastic painter.
In 1998, as one of the forerunners, the webshop was started by Brenda and her brother Brian Baart. This was due to Syntens' digitization project, in which medium-sized companies in rural areas were encouraged to build their own website. The website was being built, the entire internet was still in its infancy at the time, so it was definitely not looked at seriously. Husband Paul de Bruijn later helped with the development of the website, warehouse and logistics management. The decision to launch the website in 1998 turned out to be very successful. The trilingual webshop ( has become an important part of the company and receives many (international) orders every week.
Brenda, in turn, continued to work with Joseph's old lime paint. Through her connections with paint manufacturers and labs, she turned it into a better, modern paint, suitable for almost anything. The paint collection “Decoration Paint” was created as a pallet with 27 colors. All colors match and each fulfill a specific function in the pallet. An endless pallet with too many colors and overproduction was the last thing Brenda wanted. A paint line from a family business with a passion for quality and beauty, that was the goal.
The interior concept of Decoration originated from the paint collection. Just like in the old village shop, an interior design from A to Z, but in their own way. Brenda talks directly to people, favorite colors and styles are discussed. The focus is on customization for every budget, every wish, every dream.
Decoration has remained a real family business. Husband Paul de Bruijn and daughter Ramanda de Bruijn are also active in the business. They ensure further development of Decoration's online identity. Brenda Baart: “A lot has changed in recent years. But the same passion for paint, interior and beauty is still present after a century. We hope this passion inspires you to make the world around you a little more beautiful.”
100th Anniversary Invitation
We would like to celebrate this day with you, April 27, 2022 you are most welcome in the store at 's Gravenstraat 283 in Clinge. Between 11 am and 8 pm you can walk in freely to raise a glass with us on this special milestone. At 1.45 pm an official moment will take place at which Mayor Mr. Jan-Frans Mulder will hand over the title purveyor to the purveyor to owner Brenda Baart.
Note for editors
For more information, please contact Brenda Baart ( or 06-55695523)