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Iberia textile dye jeans blue (lava y tine)

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Iberia textile dye

Give fabrics a second chance and bring back the color in the original state (lava y tine). You can do this with Wash and Color of Iberia. Washing temperature is 40 °C and can be done by hand wash or with a washing machine. The wash and Color is color fixed and goes deep into the fabrics.
1 packet of Wash and Color. 50 Gr. napkins. 100 gr. t-shirt. 150 Gr. Pillow cover. 200 gr. skirt. 250 gr. Shirt. 500 gr. trousers. blanket. 700 Gr. Jeans. 800 Gr. bath towel. It is essential to use the entire contents of fixer g 50.