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  • Interflon eco degreaser content 750 ml
  • Interflon eco degreaser content 750 ml

Interflon eco degreaser content 750 ml

product number. 18.001061000.NN


Interflon Eco Degreaser

is a ready-to-use, powerful industrial degreaser with F-Active Technology that breaks down organic material for a strong cleaning effect. Ideal for cleaning and degreasing a wide range of surfaces quickly, easily, efficiently and effectively. Provided with the European Ecolabel.

Contains unique active ingredients for the quick and effective removal of contaminants, such as grease residues, waste oil, hydrocarbons, graphite, ink, tar, polymers, polystyrene, glue, wax and bitumen.

Interflon Eco Degreaser has been included by the NSF in its list for use in the food industry as a general cleaner (category code A1).
Ready to use, does not attack paint and is non-flammable.

Metal surfaces and worktops: can be used immediately. Leave to act for a few seconds (20 - 40 seconds, depending on the type of dirt). The longer the exposure time, the better the cleaning effect. Aftertreat with a clean damp cloth, rub dry if necessary. On glass and ceramics: after exposure time after rubbing with a clean dry cloth. For the food industry, kitchen utensils and surfaces: apply the product, let it take effect for a few seconds and then rinse with water. When used on painted surfaces or polycarbonate, first test beforehand. Do not mix with other cleaning agents. Avoid inhalation of the spray mist.

First degrease and clean the walls and woodwork with the Eco Degreaser and then start with a clean surface for wallpapering or painting.

Using the right dosage saves costs and minimizes environmental impact.
Content 750 ml.

Due to a price increase at our manufacturer, we had to adjust our price. Decoration tries to obtain the best price from the manufacturer for you.


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