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non-woven wallpaper damask classic black

product number. 61.001684000.NN


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This non-woven wallpaper (wallpaper fast) do not need to be glued in advance but can be put directly on the wall without a waiting period.

This is because of the fleece layer on the back of the wallpaper.


-does not shrink after application with glue.

-No stain and bubbles display.

By applying non-woven wallpaper for example in combination with chalk paint. different living spaces can be created.

Certain angles of spaces can be given a certain atmosphere.

We try to realize the right colors on the screen but color settings may be different.

Order if you're not sure of your color setting of your display a sample. which you can later use for creative work.

Role is ± 10 meters long.

Sample is 50 x 50 cm.