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  • Wall Relief XL design curl
  • Wall Relief XL design curl
  • Wall Relief XL design curl

Wall Relief XL design curl

product number. 61.001700000.NN


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Wall Relief XL curl

is a skin friendly textured wall covering on fiber substrate for designing walls and ceilings in the interior. The wallpaper relief XL can be painted with Decoration Paint,  because of the various layers and structures you can create a relief on the wallpaper. By using different colors and techniques you can make your own special wall or ceiling. Sample picture 2 painted with Decoration Paint Cornwall Black.
Method: provide a dry clean space which is free of draft. Walls must be smooth and free of dust. Uniform drying at room temperature. Spring Pattern 64/32 cm. Length roll ± 10 meters and width 53 cm. Do you need advice please contact us.